NeurotechEU at the Dutch Brain Olympiad

Last Saturday, February 11, the Dutch Brain Olympiad, sponsored by NeurotechEU, takes place at the Faculty of Science at Radboud University in Nijmegen. The Hersenolympiade Nederland Foundation aims to promote interest in and knowledge about neuroscience among students and their families and peers by providing teaching materials and organising the Brain Olympiad. The Dutch Brain Olympiad brings students into contact with the world of neuroscience and neurotechnologies already at an early age. The students will participate in several competition rounds and will be followed by a Brain Expo. The day will end with a keynote lecture and a finale.

The Hersenolympiade Nederland Foundation is part of the International Brain Bee as national coordinator and organises the Brain Olympiad as the national preliminary round of the international Brain Bee competition. The foundation aims to send the winner of the Dutch Brain Olympiad annually as a participant in the IBB competition.

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