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This is a comprehensive and growing catalogue of courses and modules that provide education in the research fields covered by the European University of Brain and Technology NeurotechEU.

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The individual courses are offered by the various partners of the NeurotechEU Alliance to empower students across all levels (bachelor, master, and graduate) and to customize and enrich their curriculum.

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Students from all the alliance partners can attend these courses together with local students. Thereby, they will benefit from the strengths of all partners of the alliance.

The catalogue is dynamic.

It will be continuously expanded and adapted to the needs of the students. The courses are accredited by the alliance partner universities after passing (e.g., active participation, written or oral exam) and successful participation will be documented in a suitable manner. In the future, high-demand content will be offered additionally online in an interactive virtual lecture hall environment.

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How to use the catalogue?

For easier navigation of the course catalogue, there are two tables of contents. The first lists the available courses according to the alliance partner that offers the course. In the second, all teaching content has been categorized for better orientation. The current categories are:

Basic Neuroscience

Clinical Neuroscience


Artificial Intelligence

Students looking for courses: Please identify suitable modules in the catalogue and the linked resources. The Degree Program Coordinator listed for each module (top right) is your primary source of further information about the content and scope of the module. It is essential that you contact this coordinator to obtain further information about how participation in the course is organized (i.e., registration and enrolment).

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