NeurotechEU's Best Practices in Doctoral Supervision

Do you want to get the best performance out of your Ph.D. students? Then you need to learn how to be an efficient, interested and professional supervisor. Join our series of lecture workshops giving expert insight into the various responsibilities of Ph.D. supervision. This lecture series is offered to partners within NeurotechEU


Lecture Workshops

4th Board of Rectors meeting

The 4th European University of Brain and Technology (NeurotechEU) Board of Rectors Meeting was held on 22 and 23 November 2022. The event, hosted by Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH) in Elche Spain, was attended by leaders of top universities from Europe, joined by professors, project managers, and students.





Frontiers' Research Topic

NeurotechEU established setting up a Frontiers’ Research Topic. Frontiers’ Research Topics are peer-reviewed article collections around cutting-edge research themes. They stimulate collaboration and accelerate science by uniting the world’s leading experts around the hottest topics. NeurotechEU’s Research Topic is about Neurotechnology: state-of-the art, perspectives and research along the lines of dimensions and neurochallenges that NeurotechEU introduces to characterize the field. 

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