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Welcome to the NeurotechEU Student Council!

The NeurotechEU Student Council officially got together in the autumn of 2020 and represents students’ opinions across the NeurotechEU work packages, Board of Governors and Board of Rectors. Here, there is representation from all the 9 alliance Universities, working on different aspects of furthering the mission of the NeurotechEU .

Who is The NeurotechEU Student Council (NtSc)?

The NtSc is constituted by 3-4 student representatives of each University of the alliance (32 in total), and whose aims are:

To represent the interests of all students enrolled at the NeurotechEU alliance members and ensure equitable opportunities.
To facilitate exchanges of knowledge and experiences between students within academia, industry and society.
To assist with skill transfer that enables open discussion and collaboration.

In addition to this, the NtSc forms working groups and supports student activities at the alliance members through advice and shared experience..

Synapses – NeurotechEU Student Society

Synapses is the NeurotechEU Student Society that organizes (virtual) events and talks on diverse topics of neuroscience and brain inspired technologies.

Who is Synapses?
Synapses was launched and is maintained by the NeurotechEU Student Council. The Student Council represents the interests of ~ 170,000 students of all stages of training. There are four official representatives from each of our 8 NeurotechEU Partner Universities.

The Student Council runs since autumn 2020 and represents students’ opinions across NeurotechEU work packages (WPs) and Board of Governors (BoG).
What is our mission?
NeurotechEU’s mission is to build a trans-European network of excellence in brain research and technologies to increase the competitiveness of European education, research, economy and society. As students, we like to facilitate this with our Student society by exchanging what’s going on on the other side of Europe and help shape the future of education & science.
How can I take part?
Fortunately, if you are part of one of our 8 NeurotechEU Partner Universities, you are automatically part of Synapses - Welcome on board!

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