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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NeurotechEU?
NeurotechEU is the European University of Brain and Technology.NeurotechEU, an alliance of eight European universities, pioneers a unique approach to education and research. It stands out among other European University Alliances by leveraging local strengths, tackling specific social goals, and breaking institutional and national borders. This interdisciplinary alliance addresses pressing challenges in neuroscience, combining AI and medicine to tackle neurological disorders. Beyond the health domain, there is an increasing need observed for new brain-based technologies in control, computer architecture and microprocessor domains, among others. Operating as a virtual platform, NeurotechEU facilitates communication and collaboration, enhancing European education through interdisciplinary research. For students and academics, NeurotechEU offers specialised education without constraints. It aims to revolutionise education, promote seamless mobility, and strengthen European teaching and research in neurotechnology. The alliance's goal is accessible and easy collaboration and mobility for students and researchers across partner institutions.
Am I eligible for NeurotechEU activities?
If you are a member (student, researcher, staff) of one of our partner universities, you are eligible for NeurotechEU activities.You can find our current partner universities at section "Universities"
Where can I find the NeurotechEU courses?
You can find the current NeurotechEU courses in section "CAMPUS+"
What steps can I take as a student to be active within NeurotechEU?
At the moment, we can offer different types of involvement for students who are interested in participating in NeurotechEU. The first option is applying for the local student council communities, which will allow you to be more involved in NeurotechEU's activities, such as organisation and event participation. Please contact your partner university, as shown above.There are also other possibilities for you to participate in NeurotechEU as a student, such as the events and calls we organise. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels to stay updated.

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