NeurotechEU Technological and Societal Innovation Summit, held in Turkey, 2023

The meeting we had, has added another layer to our prospects for cooperation, more specifically when it comes to the development of a long-term strategy and to securing funding for our joint research and didactic activities. The same event came to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the Neurotech partners, the field being quite generous in this regard.
Associate professor from Cluj
It was a very educating event for me, just to see where the network is at, at this moment and where it wants to go. To see what colleagues at the other partner universities are doing was also very beneficial.
Scientist from Reykjavik

Between October 2 and 5, individuals involved in NeurotechEU are gathering to discuss innovations in Technology and Society and to create a roadmap on NeurotechEU’s eight dimensions of neurotechnology

The programme includes a main meeting consisting of Keynote Talks that include presentations from representatives from NTEU partners about their institution’s technological innovation actions and industry representatives, to illustrate:

  • NTEU partner universities’ translational technological innovation focuses
  • Industrial institutions/companies that are in direct/organized collaboration with NTEU partner universities
  • NTEU partner universities’ translational technological innovation ecosystems
The programme also consists of Round Table Discussions aim at conducting moderated discussions fueled by the bibliometrics to facilitate
  • Identification of challenge based technology trends
  • Exploration of partners’ current focus, strengths, development strategies and possibilities for within NTEU complementarity
  • Initiation of developing of road maps for NTEU technological innovation actions
  • Building synergy across partner universities’ translational technological innovation ecosystems

In parallel, there is a management meeting taking place to clarify the next steps when entering phase two of NeurotechEU. 

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