NeurotechEU at the Radboud Art and Science Festival

NeurotechEU and the Donders Citylab are happy to announce the premiere of a multimodal interactive artwork that integrates music, dance, and interactive graphics to depict stages of memory and consciousness


Re(M)ind is an immersive experience where the audience is surrounded by soundscapes, human and computer-generated music and graphics, and interactive dance where the lines between art, technology, and science are blurred. Re(M)ind and engages and invites its audience to experience, introspect, and contemplate human reality and post-human future. By fusing artistic expression with the latest technologies and insights in memory and consciousness, Re(M)ind stimulates the exploration of our innermost thoughts and perceptions, projecting them forward towards new shadows of an imagined future. 

The premiere of “Re(M)ind: a Multimodal Journey into Consciousness” will take place at Theatre “C” at the campus of Radboud University on 19 October at 8.30 p.m. and 21 October at 4.00 p.m. as part of the Radboud Art & Science Festival celebrating the 100th dies natalis of the university.

About NeurotechEU and the Donders Citylab

We collaborate with artists, scientists, and technologists who have shared their expertise to bring Re(M)ind to life. This creative process draws its audiovisual inspiration from a compilation of works that extend back to the inception of RoBoser by Paul Verschure and Jônatas Manzolli in 1998. This collection also encompasses additional creations like “Ada: Intelligent Space” (2002), “re(PER)curso” (2007), and the “Multimodal Brain Orchestra” (2009).

‘Re(M)ind is a pioneering multimodal performance, a convergence of Art and Science that engages the audience in a dialogue with the latest advancements in the science and technology of consciousness. The four acts of Re(M)ind follow the evolutionary unfolding of consciousness as an expression of the fundamental evolutionary transition: 1) Awakening, 2) Self, 3) Memory, and 4) Encounter are designed to guide the audience through an interactive journey and capture the essence of different stages of the enigmatic journey of human consciousness. Re(M)ind stimulates the audience to contemplate the nuances of the human mind through an interplay of music, dance, and graphics.’

Radboud Art & Science Festival

This event is part of Radboud Art & Science. On 19, 20 and 21 October, immerse yourself in the world of art and science on the university campus.

Let yourself be transported to the past through music, film, and dance. Walk past photo exhibitions, light installations and visual art that give you a unique perspective of the campus. There will also be live concerts, performances, and interactive performances in unexpected places. In doing so, we delve into the university’s heritage, history and day-to-day operations, and explore the stories of students, researchers and other staff.   


Pictures by: Daniël Spiekers, Isa Emmen and Oscar Guerrero


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