NeurotechEU at the Living Machines Conference in Genoa, Italy

NeurotechEU is sponsor and exhibitor at the 12th Living Machines conference in Genoa, Italy from 11-13 July, 2023.

The Living Machines Conference series was organised to provide the opportunity for world-leading researchers in the field of biomimetic and biohybrid systems to gather and discuss cutting-edge research in this field. Previous editions of Living machines were among others, held in the USA, Spain, UK and Italy.

Biomimetics is the development of novel technologies through the distillation of principles from the study of biological systems (7th International Conference, Living Machines 2018). During the conference, the development of future real-world technologies will depend on our understanding and harnessing of the principles underlying living systems and the flow of communication signals between living and artificial systems (

The conference will be held in the Aquarium of Genoa, where several workshops, talks, oral sessions and tours will take place. NeurotechEU, the European University of Brain and Technology will present its alliance and offers at the Living Machines exhibition from 11-13 July from 09:00-16:30.

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