Neuroscience Seminar and Concert at Bogazici University, November 16, 2022

A unique event is scheduled today (16 November) at Bogazici University, one of the founding universities of NeurotechEU. Dr. Marianna Kapsetaki, a medical doctor, neuroscientist and classical pianist will give a seminar and piano performance on "My Melodic Path in Spatio-Temporal Memory".

During the seminar, Dr. Kapsetaki will present her Ph.D. and postdoctoral research on memory and memorability. This includes studies examining spatial memory and memory for temporal order in stroke patients, memorability of various images, and a rare patient with brain damage involving only the hippocampus. Following the talk about her research, Dr. Kapsetaki will present a memory-related video that she created and will perform relevant classical music on the piano.

Text and flyer: Bogazici University

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