UMF hosts NeurotechEU Summer School of QEEG

Summer School Quantitative Electroencephalography in Romania 11th – 15th July

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) will host next week a Blended Intensive Programme in the framework of NeurotechEU.

This programme is an introduction to the scientific foundations and the analysis quantitative electroencephalography in basic and applied research. This introductory course is addressed to all researchers interested in QEEG analysis (e.g., physicians, psychologists, engineers, or mathematicians), and will involve hands-on exercises and case studies using various technologies (e.g., MATLAB, BrainVision Analyzer2).

The course aims to provide early-stage researchers with a basic yet modern understanding of where QEEG has arrived today, as well as potential avenues for its development based on most innovative technologies available. Participants will gain access to a diverse armamentarium of tools for signal processing, facilitating multidisciplinary interaction and exchange of skills.

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