Applications open for the Physiology Quiz at NeurotechEU partner in Cluj, Romania

Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz 2023

This year, The Department of Physiology of NeurotechEU partner ‘’Iuliu Hațieganu’’ University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, will organise the third edition of the Romanian Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz. The quiz will take place on May 26-27 and will be coordinated by Professor Cheng from Malaysia. Students from NeurotechEU are invited to participate.

Professor Cheng Hwee Ming is a renowned physiologist from the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Cheng is internationally recognised as a specialist in an innovative approach to physiology teaching and learning techniques. Professor Cheng organised a similar contest in 2003 in Malaysia. He was also present in the first two editions of this quiz, and this was very well received, which is why he is often asked for quizzes like this around the globe. The quiz, and the presence of Professor Cheng, have led to a progressive increase every year in interest in this quiz.


This quiz is organised in the spirit of good knowledge and fair play in physiology and will allow participants to discuss key points in understanding physiological mechanisms. In addition to this, the quiz was also an opportunity to network and develop friendships.

The quiz was named after the renowned Romanian Physiologist Professor Mircea Dorofteju, scientist of Cluj-Napoca Physiology, teacher, researcher, trainer for numerous student generations, and a role model for all.

Romania is the first European country ever to organise this competition. Professor Simona Clichici, Chiefgy Discipline, and Professor Adriana Filip managed the first editions of Physiology. They did this with the help of the University and dedicated students. Professor Cheng was present both times and coordinated the competition.

The Romanian quiz was based on the original version but was adapted to accommodate the smaller amount of participants. Professor Cheng asked about Respiration, Excretion, the Cardiovascular System, Hormones and Neuronal Physiology. Teams had thirty seconds to answer every question, so they had to prove their ability to focus, work together, and write down their best response.

The quiz

A student’s thoughts after one of the quizzes:

“The competition was engaging and, most importantly, put our brains to work. The questions were wisely chosen, and I liked that the Professor explained if there was a misunderstanding regarding the answer. Overall, the competition was a great experience that helped me revise my physiology, understand some physiological conditions even better now, and, not to mention, make new friends. I am looking forward to the next edition!”

Professor Adriana Filip commented that the great merit of the competition brought together medical students from all over the country, students who spoke a common language of physiology. According to Filip, the students demonstrated the significant implications of physiology in medical practice. The students had an opportunity to share their knowledge and feelings regarding medicine and this competition while developing long-lasting friendships.

Interested in participating? Contact the NeurotechEU office at your university


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