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Work packages of the Neurotech project

A central goal of NeurotechEU activities is the continuous integration of education, research, and innovation. Therefore, the four content delivery work packages, i.e. Neurotech2040 (WP3), Neurochallenges in Education & Research (WP4), Technological Innovation (WP5) and Societal Innovation (WP6) are organizationally interlinked while they all work together to facilitate education, training, and life-long learning. The remaining four WPs WP1-2 will plan, organize, command, coordinate and control the Alliance actions, maximizing the utilization of resources and human capital to ensure organizational success. WP7 and WP8 will widen the participation, spread excellence in education and research in a sustainable fashion; they will ensure that NeurotechEU actions, outcomes, competencies, and know-how will be disseminated across sectors throughout Europe.

The Alliance provides a structural and sustainable approach to the inclusion of all voices on campus (bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students, life-long learners, teaching and research staff, support and administrative staff, management positions) and off campus (public policy-makers, associate partners, associated (European) universities, industrial and innovation partners, regional stakeholders, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and society at large). The cooperation across geographically fragmented teams will be upscaled by creating a shared digital tool for virtual collaboration and organizing meetings for direct interaction with all stakeholders, creating a melting-pot of cultures, ideas and talent.

Organizational structure diagram of NeurotechEU university