The NeurotechEU governance and management structure follows a multi-levelled and multi-layered structure organisation with clear connections and synergies between each organisational body and unit. 

The core values of this structure are efficiency, flexibility, and robustness, consistent with the guidelines of the European Commission.

NeurotechEU Board of Rectors

The NeurotechEU Board of Rectors (BoR) consists of all the rectors from the partners forming the Alliance. They are responsible for the long-term strategies and goals of NeurotechEU. Furthermore, their role is to implement cooperation principles in the participating universities.

This team focuses on the general management and coordination of the alliance. Its main objective is to ensure proper management and planning of the work plan and to enshrine the values of NeurotechEU in all procedures. It will plan, organise, command, coordinate and oversee all alliance actions and is therefore closely interconnected with all other work packages.

The task of this group is to perform measures of the NeurotechEU based on structured qualitative and quantitative quality reviews for support, and to assure quality along all work packages and deliverables.

This forward-looking think-thank will device evidence-based and penetrating educational frameworks to address neurochallenges. It will imagine the world and societal needs in 2040 to design the NeurotechEU programmes and innovative action plans that will maximize the benefits of the developed technologies and interventions for the European economy and society at large.

This team will create an open-source, scalable digital platform to provide blended learning for all, set up a Graduate School programme to train masters and doctoral students and promote professionalization in an intersectoral setting, and create a life-long learning programme for the broadest segment in society to attract new talent and redress the educational inequalities among individuals.

The field of brain research is already making significant contributions to society, addressing challenges such as improving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of brain disorders, and developing innovative practices in various settings, including cities, schools, hospitals, and companies. NeurotechEU aims to foster a close-knit community of experts who can collaborate across educational, research, and technological domains. By doing so, NeurotechEU will enable the translation of fundamental research into cutting-edge solutions that benefit society.

The technological advancements within NeurotechEU will require a corresponding societal evolution that includes community building, preparedness, and the integration of novel technologies to address the challenges faced by society. This development will spark the emergence of new fields that intersect Neurotechnology with humanities, economics, and politics, leading to fresh insights and approaches for solving complex societal problems.

This work package is dedicated to promoting diversity, multilingualism and multiculturalism. At the heart of the Alliance’s values is creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of NeurotechEU to learn and work. To achieve this goal, the Alliance has implemented impactful policies, processes, and procedures to promote accessibility, multilingualism, diversity, and inclusion throughout the entire lifecycle of students and staff, from admission to graduation, and recruitment to a structured exit interview.

The task of sustainability and communication is to disseminate the results and good practices achieved by NeurotechEU and the activities and events of the project with the stakeholders and target groups of NeurotechEU. They will commit to maintaining the project beyond the funding phase by putting into place the necessary resources, both financial and human.

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