NeurotechEU workshop on Science Communication

We are pleased to invite you to the NeurotechEU workshop on “Science Communication”, organized by the UMH Synapses Club. The workshop will take place on December 19th in the Conference Hall of the Instituto de Neurociencias.

This workshop is focused on disseminating scientific work, covering everything from press releases to social media. It will consist of three presentations, a hands-on activity and an on-line roundtable discussion on communication.


  • Workshop location: ONLINE and Conference Hall of the Instituto de Neurociencias (UMH-CSIC), San Juan de Alicante, Spain.

  • Workshop language: English

  • Available places: 50

  • Profile of participants: Bachelor, master and PhD students and personnel of the NeurotechEU Alliance member universities, and NeurotechEU associates.

To learn more about the program and register to attend the activity please visit

Deadline for registration is December 15

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