NeurotechEU Symposium: Towards transdisciplinarity in the investigation of neurological diseases

NeurotechEU Symposium about

Towards transdisciplinarity in the investigation of neurological diseases

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A significant future challenge for Europe lies in the escalating prevalence of neurological diseases across the lifespan. Despite their widespread impact, our understanding of the mechanisms underlying neurological diseases is still lacking. Thus, effective treatments remain elusive, imposing profound and adverse consequences on patients, their families, and society at large. Indeed, available treatments to alleviate symptoms or, in the case of neurodegenerative diseases, to slow disease progression are scarce, with advancements in early diagnosis and treatment notably trailing behind those for other prominent ailments such as cancer. Consequently, an immediate imperative exists for transdisciplinary approaches, where research progress can be accelerated at the interface of neuroscience and technology with close cooperation with industry and society at large. Such an approach will broaden the spectrum of treatment possibilities for these debilitating diseases and enhance the likelihood of innovative solutions. The objective of this symposium is to offer a glimpse into the diverse research endeavors undertaken by NeurotechEU participants, driven by both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary ambitions.


This will be a small-scale informal symposium consisting of invited speakers and participants. The symposium will be followed by a NeurotechEU welcome reception to which all attendees are welcome. The symposium and reception will provide attendees with exposure to some of the inter- and transdisciplinary research being undertaken by the NeurotechEU consortium (that consists of 8 universities across Europe), as well as an informal networking opportunity.

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