NeurotechEU social inclusion fund

Welcome to the NeurotechEU Social Inclusion Fund! The goal of this initiative is to support and empower members of our community who may face additional barriers in accessing resources and opportunities in the NeurotechEU ecosystem. We believe that by creating a more inclusive and equitable environment, we can foster greater innovation and progress in the field of neurotechnology.

The NeurotechEU Social Inclusion Fund is designed to support individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds in attending events within the Alliance (e.g., covering costs for participation to events, expanding participation caps, etc.). Furthermore, if you are a member of the NeurotechEU community and have an idea for an event or activity that promotes equity, equality, diversity, and inclusion, we invite you to apply for funding from the Social Inclusion Fund under the form below. Whether it’s a workshop, conference, or community outreach program, we encourage you to share your ideas with us and apply for funding to make the activity a reality.

Apply for funding and help us create a more equitable and inclusive future for our Alliance!

What type of funding is available?

The Social Inclusion Fund can provide support under the Erasmus+ Programme funding rules applicable to each full partner. These include travel and subsistence expenditures for event participation, staff contributions and other costs, as available through our grant.

Who can apply?

Students, educators, researchers, or administrators from NeurotechEU Alliance (link to list) are eligible to receive funding via the budgets of their respective partners. Individuals not affiliated with the Alliance partners (e.g., refugees) are also eligible for funding, always under caps imposed by the Erasmus+ Programme Guide. Availability of funding for non-affiliates shall be evaluated and communicated on a case-by-case basis.

How does NeurotechEU define disadvantaged groups?

NeurotechEU does not enforce a strict definition of disadvantaged groups that are eligible to receive support via the Social Inclusion Fund. We support equal opportunities for a wide range of themes, including disability, gender, race, ethnicity, religion and belief, economic status, age, neurodiversity and others. If you are unsure if you qualify for this initiative, email us at

How will my application be processed?

You will receive a confirmation of receipt in 5 working days from the central management office. Depending on the type of support requested, you may be asked for further information. We strive to provide an evaluation report on your application within 30 calendar days of full submission.

Where can I receive non-financial support for matters related to Equity, Inclusion and Diversity within the NeurotechEU Ecosystem?

We encourage members of the NeurotechEU Alliance to address their corresponding institutional departments/units (contacts available here). Moreover, anyone in need of support on this matter can book an interaction with our Social Inclusion Advisor now using this form or by writing an email to

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