The University of Lille, invites NeurotechEU participants to take part in the Blockchain and Transformation in the European Public Sector

The University of Lille, member of NeurotechEU, partner of EBSI-Vector and associated partner of SMARTT invites you to take part in the international conference (bilingual French-English):

Blockchain and Transformation in the European Public Sector Identity, diploma, open badges, research and other use cases in the public sector

at the University of Lille’s Lilliad Learning Center, campus Cité Scientifique in Villeneuve d’Ascq – France

Tuesday, 12 March 2024, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The aim of this conference is to give participants a global, informed and independent view of blockchain technologies, showing them their current developments in the public sector, particularly higher education (diploma and competences) and research.

French and European universities will benefit from workshops to discover how the University of Lille has gradually transformed the way in which universities award, students receive, store in an eWallet and share, as well as employers verify their digital certificates of achievement and open badges. The white paper on our achievements can be downloaded here. Within the EBSI eco-system and with its entry into the Digital Credentials Consortium (MIT Media Lab), this use case is emblematic of the innovations brought by blockchain technologies on digital identity (European eIDAS v2 regulation and development of verifiable credentials and Decentralised IDentity standards). As a building block of the European Digital Decade, these developments, presented in a pedagogical manner, will help you understand the emergence of sovereign European digital commons, useful for young people and mobility, and available to universities and other institutions.

This day will present the work of the CHAISE_EU association, which aims to identify the skills needed by computer scientists working on blockchain technologies, and an overview of open educational resources that will enable institutions wishing to do so to update their training offer.

IT and legal research will also be highlighted, with a public and private panorama. Finally, other ministries, public administations and companies will be presenting their case studies of applications in the French and European public sectors.


Registration fee:  Participants from NeurotechEU institutions : free of charge  //  Other participants : 50€.

Institutions and companies will be able to showcase their projects and solutions on a booth and during a presentation (one booth, 3 persons / 1500€ incl. VAT).

Pre-registration necessary here by 16th February:  link to evento form.


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