CLOSED: NeurotechEU open call for student mobility

CLOSED: NeurotechEU opens a call for student mobility

NeurotechEU supported students (all levels) in the partner institutions of the NeurotechEU.

Neurotechnology is believed to be strategically important for several challenges European society faces, particularly in the domains of health and digital technologies. NeurotechEU is contributing to answering these challenges. The candidates selected for this grant will be affiliated with one of the partners of the European University Alliance for Brain and Technology (NeurotechEU). NeurotechEU envisions neurotechnology as providing strategic bridges between various disciplines, including neuroscience, medicine, engineering, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, robotics, social sciences, and the humanities arranged along 8 dimensions (see next figure):

Neurotechnology is based on an eight-dimensional space that defines the envelope of current and future research, education, and application of neurotechnology: 1) empirical and clinical neuroscience; 2) theoretical neuroscience; 3) neuromorphic computing; 4) neuromorphic control /neurorobotics; 5) neuroinformatics; 6) neuroprosthetics; 7) clinical neurotechnology; 8) neurometaphysics (neurophilosophy, neurolaw, neuroethics, neuroaesthetics, neurodesign).

A complete explanation of the different dimensions can be found here.

In this context, we accepted highly motivated and talented students to participate in the NeurotechEU alliance. For students, NeurotechEU arranged mobility to a partner in the consortium, or provided the possibility to work partially on content creation for NeurotechEU that is in line with (at least one of) the 8 dimensions of NeurotechEU.

The applications are closed.

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