NeurotechEU online course: Best practices in doctoral supervision, professional development of teaching and leadership skills for doctoral supervisors

Online course: Best practices in doctoral supervision, professional development of teaching and leadership skills for doctoral supervisors

Do you want to get the best performance out of your PhD students? Do you want to support and inspire your Ph.D. students in the best possible way? We offer you an opportunity to take part in a series of lecture workshops giving expert insight into the various responsibilities of PhD supervision. Satisfied students are productive researchers, and students who feel they get high quality supervision will be happy students. Come and learn how to be an efficient and professional supervisor.

Content of the course: 

The professional training of supervisors is considered a requirement for successful doctoral education. NeurotechEU partners are offered the possibility for their current and future PhD supervisors to interact with a panel of experts for a series of short training sessions. Different aspects of the supervision of doctoral students will be addressed in interactive online sessions on a weekly basis.

  • Sessions will be held in English, participate in as many online sessions as you like

  • No fees, no registration required

  • Certificate: confirmation of attendance on request (only for attendees of all sessions, totally 8 hours)

  • Responsible trainer: Professor Bob Harris, Karolinska Institutet

  • More information about the NeurotechEU:


Date and time:

Wednesdays at 10.00-11.00 CET, Zoom-link:

    1. 14 February 2024: Why hamburgers are bad for you – the giving and receiving of feedback (Bob Harris)

    2. 21 February 2024: Conflict prevention and management (Bob Harris)

    3. 28 February 2024: The process of doctoral education – a supervisor’s perspective (Bob Harris)

    4. 6 March 2024: Research ethics (Ana Borovecki)

    5. 13 March 2024: Professional responsibility as a supervisor (Bob Harris)

    6. 20 March 2024: Supervision and communication across cultures, 10.00-12.00 CET, new Zoom link: (Juha Nieminen)

    7. 27 March 2024: Outcome-based doctoral education (Bob Harris)


Target group:

  • Academic staff of NeurotechEU universities and associated partners

  • All faculty members currently supervising PhD students or that aim to become supervisors


Learning outcomes:

At the end of the program the participant will learn and understand:

✓ their role as a PhD supervisor develops over time
✓ responsibilities of a PhD supervisor both legally, practically and morally
✓ best practices regarding ethics, conflict prevention, feedback and communication

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