Join the NeurotechEU course at the Artificial Intelligence Doctoral Academy (AIDA) about Sequential Episodic Control on January 30

Join us for the course “The Distributed Adaptive Control of Intelligent Action: Sequential Episodic Control”.

The course will take place via AIDA, the Artificial Intelligence Doctoral Academy, which offers access to knowledge and expertise and attracts PhD talents in Europe. NeurotechEU is collaborating with AIDA. 

Date: The scheduled date is January 30 from 11:00 to 15:00 CET.

Location: The course will be given online.

Target group: PhD, master students and interested researchers.


(1) Introductory talk: The Distributive Adaptive Control cognitive architecture.

(2) Reactive control: Allostatic orchestration of motivated behavior.

(3) Adaptive control: Convolutional Autoencoder for image compressing.

(4) Contextual control: Sequential Episodic Control for sample-efficient behavioral learning.

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