NeurotechEU at Campus Festival 20-24 July 2022, Debrecen, Hungary

NeurotechEU introduced its goals and directions to university students and the general public during the program entitled “University Square” on the Campus Festival (20-24 July 2022, Debrecen, Hungary) organized with the contribution of University of Debrecen (UD).

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For four days NeurotechEU-UD organized activities focusing on neuroscience and neurotechnology. Visitors at our booth had the chance to learn about the macroscopic organization of the brain using plastinated human brains.
The younger generation could produce their own paper “brain-caps” and they could match the different labeled brain regions to the plastinated real brains.

Enthusiastic volunteers could test their drawing skills, repeating what the great Spanish neuroscientist, Ramon Y Cajal did for decades – reproducing individually labeled neurons on paper from microscope slides.

The Faculty of Pharmacy brought different dried and infused herbs that have an effect on the CNS and volunteers could test their senses to recognize these herbs by smell, taste, and vision.

This year Neurotech EU-UD teamed up with the presently forming Social Robotics Research Group of UD. The Faculty of Engineering together with the Hungarian company Enjoy Robotics presented their service humanoid robots and a robot dog.

At the same time, psychologists from the Faculty of Arts asked visitors to fill out questionnaires concerning their attitude toward service robots and robots, that assist surgery.
On the second day of the event the Rehabilitation Gaming System (Eodyne) was introduced to the public in the form of a short presentation and visitors also had a chance to listen to the participants of the first Hungarian Brain Bee competition that was recently organized with the collaboration of NeurotechEU-UD

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