Our Mission

Build a trans-European network of excellence in brain research and technologies
to increase the competitiveness of European education, research, economy and society

Students working together in a digital campus

NeurotechEU Campus+

NeurotechEU CAMPUS+ is a digital campus where students can

  • Learn about courses on offer
  • Meet with their peers
  • Follow online courses
  • Manage their blended learning experience

NeurotechEU Graduate School

NeurotechEU Graduate School will train students in a multidisciplinary, international and intersectoral setting.

  • Each student will be advised by 3 mentors; two from partnering universities and the third from the industrial or societal partners
  • All projects will focus on a Neurochallenge, i.e. societal challenge that can be met by neuroscientific knowledge and/or neurotechnological solution
  • Admissions to this top-tier graduate school will be highly competitive and centrally organized
  • By graduation each student will have an intersectoral experience with a strong multidisciplinary research background
A graduate student from the Neurotech graduate school
People studying at the Neurotech Lifelong Learning Center

NeurotechEU Lifelong Learning Center

NeurotechEU Lifelong Learning Center will

  • Deliver the necessary knowledge, skill sets and competencies for continued learning throughout life
  • Help individuals to adapt to the changing personal, civic, societal and employment related needs
  • Provide access to the necessary education and experience for individuals to pursue opportunities in brain research and technologies
  • Organize certificate programs, micro-degrees, boot-camps, and offer internships, research opportunities and transferable skill training

NeurotechEU Spaces

NeurotechEU Spaces will be the online meeting spot for all students, learners, staff and researchers at NeurotechEU. It will

  • Provide tools to create, store and share information safely on the cloud
  • Offer streaming and messaging platforms for real-time communication
  • Issue shared blackboards, sandboxes and digital lockers
  • Help create a paperless European University
Digital cloud storage for students and employees
NeurotechEU creates a neurotech ecosystem for brain and technology

NeurotechEU Ecosystem

NeurotechEU Ecosystem will integrate NeurotechEU with society and economy. It will help

  • Students to have easy access to internships, apprenticeships and intersectoral training opportunities
  • Companies to access skilled and creative individuals
  • To create new business opportunities through knowledge and technology transfer from universities to (societal) stakeholders
  • Assist NeurotechEU with the development of new technologies to diversify and improve education